Edna helps Aaron hide from the police

Cain and Aaron may have managed to throw the police off the scent, but that doesn’t mean Aaron can hang around in the village so the Dingles tell him that he needs to make tracks sooner rather than later. Before he heads off, Aaron insists on saying goodbye to Paddy, but it proves to be a big mistake when he’s spotted by the police. However, he’s surprised when Edna offers him a place to hide! Why is the woman who shopped Aaron to the police now preventing him from being found?

Ross reveals that he knows that Marlon and Donna kissed a few weeks ago, Paddy worries that he will tell Laurel and warns him to steer clear of the funeral. Ross, however, insists he’s going to be there and hints that it will be a good opportunity for him to tell everyone about the illicit kiss!

Elsewhere in the village, Dan and Kerry are back and it’s clear the pair have missed each other. Kerry, however, refuses to admit that she’s missed Dan and tries to make him jealous by talking about all the men she met on holiday. Sounds like a good plan. NOT!