Edna reports fugitive Aaron to the police!

*Second episode*

Aaron is totally against the idea of Chas dobbing Adam into the police so he gives his mum an ultimatum – drop Adam in it and he will never speak to her again. However, unbeknown to everyone, Edna has spotted Aaron in the village and called the police! Is his time up? Or will he manage to slip away again?

Meanwhile, Marlon and Laurel have a big bundle of cash in their home. It’s the money Donna earnt from her criminal activities. She wanted April to have it to give her a financially secure future, but considering where it came from Marlon and Laurel think it’s dirty money and decide to burn it…

Elsewhere in the village, Vanessa isn’t ready to write off the idea of a relationship with Kirin. OK, he may be a good deal younger than her, but he’s hot to trot! Will she listen to her heart or her head?