Ed’s ex-wife arrives at Leopard’s Den

Danny and everyone at Leopard’s Den is nervous about an upcoming review from JLW – the company that provides much of the reserve’s funding. With budgets being squeezed, Danny and Ed are worrying that they will lose out on funding, and be left out of pocket and unable to continue the reserve.

Meanwhile, Caroline overhears Rosie having a big argument with her husband Max on the phone. When she asks Rosie what’s been going on, she says that everything’s fine – but Caroline knows that something’s amiss. When Ed talks to Rosie, he discovers that she has failed part of her veterinary course. He says that he will tutor her, and that Danny needn’t find out. But when Dup thinks he sees them getting close, he believes that they’re in a relationship. But when Ed’s ex-wife Fiona arrives, everything’s turned on its head.

Everyone gets the wrong end of the stick about what’s going on with Ed and Rosie – even Fiona! But when the rumour spreads and Danny finally finds out what he thinks is going on, he hits the roof. Confronting Ed and Rosie, they’re shocked about what everyone’s thinking.

When multiple different animals across the reserve start becoming really ill, Fiona – who works in a laboratory – volunteers her help to try and find out why they’re all becoming so sick so quickly. It turns out that one of JLW’s drugs they’ve been using is faulty. After going to talk to them, it turns out they’re not going to get their funding any longer!