Nurse Mary-Claire is devastated when she discovers that lover Edward is in the midst of reuniting with his ex-wife, Serena. Broken hearted that Edward stood her up for a date with his ex, Mary-Claire angrily suggests to the anaesthetist that if Serena found out he’d been sleeping with her, she wouldn’t be so keen to get back with him.

But, with that, Edward turns nasty and threatens that if Mary-Claire reveals their affair, he’ll make sure she’s out of a job by Christmas. Later, when Edward slips up administering the wrong drug in surgery, it’s Mary-Claire’s word against his as to who’s to blame for the error. Will Edward end Mary-Claire’s career to save his own bacon?

Meanwhile, Elliot goes the extra mile having been encouraged by Guy to do an impromptu heart operation using the Herzig on a vulnerable patient.  But when he doesn’t get the results he was hoping for in theatre, Elliot’s left with a deep sense of guilt for his young patient.

Also, Arthur’s obsession with everything “Chantelle”, draws to an abrupt end when Zosia, needing to find a new flat-share, bets him to go a whole day without saying his ex-loves name, otherwise, she will move in to Chantelle’s old room. Terrified, Arthur does everything in his power to avoid it.