Eek! Becky declares her love

Jason is getting increasingly worried about how fast things seem to be moving with Becky after she casually tells him she loves him. When Eileen arrives home to find him brooding on the sofa, he confides in her about his concerns. Eileen realises that Becky wants more out of the relationship than her son does and urges him to come clean about his feelings sooner rather than later. Jason knows she’s right, but can’t seem to find the right moment.

Steve continues to wind up Dan about his darts victory and infuriates Dan when he ignores his request to stop parking his cabs outside the bookies. Later, Norris accidentally scratches one of the taxis, but guiltily hurries off. Steve discovers the scratch and is convinced that Dan is responsible. He storms over to the bookies to confront him and refuses to believe Dan’s denials.

Jerry tells the kids that when he is out of hospital he is going to change a few things. Meanwhile, Teresa continues to fleece Lloyd after convincing him that a DNA test would only complicate matters!

Also, Gail prepares for Ted’s visit and David’s return; Claire tries to get Michelle and Steve interested in buying her house.