Eight Go Rallying – BBC2

Four teams of celebrities compete in the Endurance Rally Association's Road to Saigon event, travelling 2500 miles through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

‘It was one of 
the scariest moments of my life!’ says former EastEnders star Martin Kemp after being rescued from the Mini Cooper that his wife Shirlie crashed in Thailand.

Luckily they aren’t seriously injured.

But they still have to drive more than 2,500 miles through Cambodia and Vietnam without satnav.

“We crashed on the second day and rolled the car, which was scary,” explains Martin.

I really hurt my hand and couldn’t drive after that, so Shirlie took the wheel and I directed.”

“I was going a bit too fast into a bend and, trying to avoid a tree, we ended up on the roof,” adds Shirilie.

“I thought we were okay, but then I heard Martin screaming and saw his hand was trapped.”

” I was screaming for help; seeing him trapped like that was horrendous. Then, before we knew it, there were doctors everywhere.”

Eight Go Rallying BBC2

Martin and Shirlie (left) with the other three couples taking on the 2500 mile driving challenge

As travelogues go, this four-part series following four famous pairs (who also include Great British Menu’s
Andi Oliver and her daughter Miquita) in The Endurance Rally Association’s Road to Saigon is one of the most challenging.

But it’s great viewing and the ‘discussions’ over directions are the perfect foil for some breathtaking scenery.

TV Times rating: *****