Eileen takes a call from the social worker in charge of Holly and her worst fears are confirmed. She realises that she will have a fight on her hands if she wants to keep the baby. Eileen is reluctant to tell Jason about Emma’s shocking revelation, but she realises that she has to tell him the news. Jason is stunned.

Mel and Darryl wake up to their 18th birthday with a big surprise from dad Jerry when he presents the twins with a car. While Darryl is chuffed, Mel is unsure about having to share the car with her irresponsible brother. Jerry organises a party for the pair and invites the neighbours along to avoid complaints about loud music. Even Gail gets into the party spirit and has a few too many to drink!

Janice is still in the doghouse at the factory and she feels mortified about getting Joanne into trouble. Her guilt is compounded when a broken Joanne returns to work and everyone offers to write glowing references for her appeal.

Also, Liz is tired of Vernon’s schemes and tells him to get his act together.