Eileen can’t stop fretting about Paul

When a grumpy Eileen falls asleep at work she’s forced to admit she’s in a mess – she can’t sleep for worrying about Paul’s job and is exhausted. Deirdre suggests she speak to the doctor, but when she’s prescribed sleeping pills Eileen knows it’s a short-term fix to a long term problem. She needs to do something about her situation.

Jake has grown stronger and can be held for the first time, but when Gary and Izzy arrive at the hospital they’re confused to find Tina cradling the baby. Tina knows she’s crossed the line, but overwhelmed with love for her child, a guilt-ridden Tina can’t bring herself to give him up.

Dev starts to wonder if Sunita was even capable of starting the Rovers fire, especially as she was supposed to already be so drunk at the Bistro. Karl’s agitated, he knows Dev’s theories are spiralling out of control and realises he needs to silence him.

Also, an emotional Maria admits to Marcus that she can’t stop thinking about him saying he’s still gay. Marcus insists that it shouldn’t matter as it’s her he loves, but Maria can’t deal with his admission; Tracy gets a job cold calling as she and Rob try to prove they’re bouncing back.