*First episode*

Eileen is settling into life with her granddaughter and even Jason is bonding with Holly. But Eileen’s world is turned upside down when Holly’s mum Emma turns up with some shocking news. Emma reveals that she saw a photo of Charlie in the newspaper and recognised him as the man she slept with. He lied that he was called Jason, so Holly is actually Charlie’s daughter…

Jerry is worried when he discovers that Kayleigh has been shoplifting basic goods from Dev’s shop and he takes her back to Teresa’s to investigate. The house is a tip and little Finlay is home alone. Kayleigh is forced to admit that Teresa has gone AWOL and she’s been looking after Finlay. Jerry realises he’ll have to take both kids back with him.

The knicker-stitchers put their heads together to try and work out how they can help Joanne. Janice tries to put her two-penneth in but she finds herself out in the cold. Paul has had enough of the stress at the factory and he challenges a surprised Steve and Dev to another round of golf, despite his previous defeat.

Also, Ken is unmoved by Deirdre’s upset at losing her daughter.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Eileen is in shock over Emma’s claims that Holly is Charlie’s baby and she is suspicious of her motives. She accuses Emma of concocting the story to get her hands on Charlie’s money, but an insulted Emma insists that she’s only concerned about her child! Emma tells Eileen that she’s unhappy about Holly living with people who are not her blood relations. Eileen determines not to give Holly up without a fight.

Jerry explains to Darryl and Mel that Teresa has left Kayleigh and Finlay home alone while she goes off on holiday and they agree with Jerry’s decision to take in Finlay. Jerry poses as a bailiff to repossess some of Teresa’s belongings as payback for her irresponsible actions.

Bill is chuffed when Audrey comes to a decision about investing in the builders’ yard and tells him she’s in. Bill passes the news on to Jason who, unaware of the drama going on with Holly, thinks that life is finally on the up.

Also, Paul loses another round of golf to a smug Steve and Dev.