Eileen gives in to passion with Phelan

Anna confides in Izzy how Phelan fed Eileen a pack of lies, making out they had an affair and painting himself as the victim. Izzy’s appalled and calls in the cab office but Eileen remains firm, and when Pat offers to buy her a drink in the Rovers she’s delighted. Later, she invites him back to No.11 where they kiss passionately.

Sarah admits to Kylie she hasn’t felt the baby move all day and she’s scared she’s lost him. At the hospital the midwife examines Sarah and tells her everything is fine.

David’s taken aback to see Gemma working in the kebab shop and warns Chesney he’s making a big mistake. Aidan calls at the O’Driscolls and notices that one of the bedroom doors is bolted from the outside. Over dinner at No.6, Rana announces that she and Zeedan are now a couple.

With the voting in full swing, Sally drags Tim out for a final day’s canvassing.