Eileen learns the truth about Paul! (VIDEO)

Eileen’s confused when she wakes to find that Paul has already left. When she fails to get hold of him she starts to worry that he was only after one thing. Unable to bear her pain any longer Marcus confesses he saw Paul with another woman and suspects he’s married. Horrified, Eileen marches down to the fire station to confront Paul, who is forced to come clean.

Rosie‘s furious when Jeff gives Stacey a top modelling job. Bitter, she wonders if it’s because they’re having a fling. As she then watches Jeff with her mum she vows to fight her dad’s corner and get Jeff out of the picture for good.

As Sally tries to recruit machinists for Frank’s new factory, Izzy, Kirk and Sean are appalled. But out of work Becky’s quick to agree. Carla tries to warn Sally that Frank’s a dangerous man, but caught up in his flattery she isn’t prepared to listen.

Also, Rosie puts pressure on Jason to sell his flat so they can buy a posh new pad; Amber suggests she and Sophie have a night out while Sian’s away. In awe of her new friend, Sophie agrees.