Eileen meets her knight in shining armour (VIDEO)

It’s Eileen‘s 50th birthday, but as the factory girls plan a surprise party Eileen’s got plans of her own. She’s had an online reply from a guy called Nigel and while she’s worried that Rosie has lied on her profile, she’s arranged a date. However, when a good-looking Nigel pulls up on the street, how will he react to the ‘Happy 50th Eileen’ banner flying from the factory roof?

As Tracy struggles to take in the news she’s having twins, wondering how she’ll cope alone with three children, Steve is on a high. Being a twin himself he won’t let anyone burst his bubble. So when Tracy admits she’s not sure she can go through with the pregnancy he’s stunned. Steve’s adamant he’ll be there to help, but Tracy insists she can’t do this alone.

Chris is elated to receive good news from the consultant, it looks like the tumour has decreased and his chances are good. Unaware, Lloyd plans to woo Cheryl with a romantic home cooked meal.

Also, Sophie quizzes Amber about the fact she was snogging a girl last night. When she asks if she’s a lesbian Amber shrugs that she likes to keep her options open.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tracy‘s adamant she won’t be messed around by Steve any more – if he’s going to make a commitment she needs to know he means it. Steve’s thoughtful. Back on the street Becky’s devastated to hear Steve’s having twins, but steeling herself she tells him to embrace his opportunity. Alone with Tracy, Steve insists they can make this work for their kids’ sake and it’s sealed with a kiss. Tracy’s on a high, but can’t resist gloating to Becky that she got her man.

A crowd’s gathered as a frantic Eileen is still stuck on the roof, where she was trying to take down the birthday banner. When a fire crew arrives she’s mortified, but firefighter Paul’s great as he clears the area and cuts her free from the railings. Back on the ground the pair share a joke as Julie insists on taking Eileen to A&E.

Cheryl’s touched to see the effort Lloyd‘s gone to with the meal, but when he realises he’s forgot the wine he nips out. Back from his appointment with the consultant Chris takes in the scene.

Also, Sophie’s enjoying having a new ‘lesbian’ friend, but promises not to tell anyone as Amber knows her dad wouldn’t handle it. That is until Sian starts asking questions.