Anna assures Eileen that she never laid a finger on Seb and Phelan is trying to frame her. Eileen doesn’t know what to believe. Anna corners a prisoner who she knows as Abi’s friend Karen and asks her to try and find out where Seb is. Alone at No.11, Eileen nervously opens Phelan’s tool box, will her worst fears be confirmed?

Having had enough of Henry’s sarky comments about the wedding, Gemma tells him it’s over between them. Henry’s shocked and begs Gemma for a second chance, explaining how he’s fallen for her. Gemma’s thrilled.

Craig finds Bethany in the café with a girl called Sam. Bethany makes out she met Sam on a victim’s forum, agreed to meet up and that’s why she lied about having to work. Bethany and Sam discuss their secret jobs and hiding them from their families.

Simon shows no remorse when confronted about his dinner money scam. Making sure no-one’s looking, Simon steals a few bottles of vodka from the bar and shoves them in his school bag.

Second episode of the evening.