Eileen realises the full extent of Todd’s nastiness

Eileen squirms as Todd gleefully urges Adrian to tell Eileen about a hotel he’s booked for them. Eileen deduces that he set up the meeting with Adrian, and comes to a decision to ditch Jeff and go away with Adrian. Unwilling to permit a happy ending, Todd takes huge delight in informing Adrian about his rival. Adrian’s stung while the penny finally drops for Eileen as she realises that Jeff is really Todd. She demands answers and he bitterly explains it’s payback for the time he was attacked and left scarred after being stood up by his family. Jason’s stunned when Todd confirms that he engineered his split from Eva, too.

Believing Craig has started sleepwalking, Beth and Kirk camp out on the sofa for the night to catch him leaving the house. Rucksack on, Craig slips out of No 5 unseen while Beth and Kirk are distracted.

With Julie consumed by Eileen’s heartache, Dev has to leave their chat till another time.