Eileen tries to quiz Todd about Marcus but he refuses to discuss it. Convinced there’s something going on, Eileen dupes Marcus into admitting he slept with Todd. Deciding to confront Todd, she finds out the truth and tries to persuade him to leave Marcus alone.

Anna spits in Phelan’s face as he tries to kiss her. Ordering him out of the house, she’s clearly shaken and feigning illness, tells the rest of the family to have dinner with the Phelans without her. Noticing that Anna’s clearly edgy, Izzy asks if Phelan tried it on with her. Anna denies anything happened to protect her family, but Izzy doesn’t believe her and asks again.

Rita confides in Norris that she feels humiliated by Dennis, but decides to meet with her friends for a birthday drink. Later, she thanks Norris for being such a good friend.

Also, Kal introduces his Dad, Sharif, to Stella and Dev; and Fiz and Jenna are hopeful that Roy is back to his old self until he refuses to donate Hayley’s things to charity.