As Eileen waits desperately by the lighthouse for Tim to answer his phone Phelan grabs it off her just in time to hear Tim trying to warn her. Terrified Eileen shouts out where she is but Phelan throws the phone into the sea. She confronts him calling him a liar, murderer and rapist and threatens to throw the boat keys over the sea wall to stop him getting away. The pair tussle and the rusty harbour railing gives way – is this the end of Eileen, Phelan or both?

Aidan asks Eva about the missed call he had off her but she lies and says it was an accident. Later, Eva tells Toyah about the scare with the baby.

As Peter and Leanne talk about the improvement in Simon’s behaviour we see him and the gang throw a brick through a car windscreen and run off laughing.

Liz introduces Mike to Johnny and Moira, Geoff tells Audrey he has family in Weatherfield so they may bump into each other.

Second episode of the evening.