Eileen’s eyes are opened to the real Michael

Gail rushes to Michael’s defence telling Dee he’s a good man underneath. Eileen squirms with embarrassment. As Billy announces the winner, Michael Rodwell, he flees from the bistro. Dee leaves, telling Michael that if he ever tries to contact her again, she’ll report him to the police. Later, Michael apologises to Eileen.

Tracy thanks Robert for his grand gesture and kissing him, tells him he’s right, it’s time for a change of direction. In his prison cell, Rob confides in Ian that he intends to introduce himself to Robert.

Fiz leads Tyrone into No 9 and reveals the Christmas makeover. But he’s gutted, explaining he was looking forward to decorating the house with the kids. Sinead, Beth and Kirk leave feeling hurt and Fiz berates Tyrone for his ingratitude.

Kylie tells a stunned David she wants him back, but if he can’t do it then they should call it quits. Robert offers Zeedan a job in the bistro kitchen. Aidan confides in Eva that it’s 22 years since his mother died…