Eileen, Sean and Violet are all running around after the new baby, while Jason is nowhere to be seen. When he finally emerges from his bedroom he claims he wants nothing to do with the tot, and he’s not even sure that she’s his.

Eileen has social services round, but she tells them that she’s happy to be the baby’s temporary foster carer. Jason is horrified to discover that his ‘little problem’ hasn’t been taken away.

Maureen turns up at the Websters’ and tells Bill that she’s going home and that Audrey is quite welcome to him. A chastened Bill tells Audrey that he can’t just abandon his wife and he’s going to try and patch things up with her. Audrey puts on a brave face, but she’s upset to lose Bill.

Over in the Rovers, Cilla feels guilty about her lie when Liz presents her with the money raised from the mushy pea event and a card signed by everyone. But when she sees Les and Yana standing side-by-side, her fury is reignited and she storms off to book her holiday with the charity cash.

Also, Molly’s dog-training tactics seem to be working on Jack and Vera enjoys the results.