Eileen’s stunned to learn of Paul’s heroism

When a reporter turns up on Eileen and Paul’s doorstep with the boy Paul saved and his mum, it’s news to Eileen. She’s shocked to hear about the dangerous fire, but she’s touched by Paul’s heroism. She decides to put aside her fears and support her man.

Tina tries to bury her guilt as Gary and Izzy plead with her to reconsider. With Tommy by her side Tina stands firm, but as the Windasses and Armstrongs begin their assault, vowing to fight through the courts and turfing Tina out of Owen’s flat, Tina starts to waver.

As Dev questions Stella about the night of the fire she reminds him that the Rovers keys were found in Sunita’s things. Seizing on this Dev wonders if someone planted the keys after the hospital gave him an inventory of her possessions when she was admitted. Karl’s terrified as Dev edges ever closer to the truth.

Also, Kylie resolves to do something nice for David as a thank you for his support during her pregnancy; Rob gets a new job.