Elaine advises Julia to be cautious

Julia tells Elaine in a fury what Sally has done and that she’s spoken to a lawyer who’s told her that she has a strong case to demand access. Elaine advises caution, warning litigation is likely to antagonise Sally further. But Julia won’t let this go and looks up ways to track Sally and Chloe down.

Elaine takes Julia out for a drink at the Icon and persuades her to wait a few more weeks before taking any action. Julia hates the idea, but she knows that Elaine’s advice is wise so she swallows it… for now.

Marina tries to explain why she lashed out last night, but Heston just feels like she’s blaming him. He arrives at work feeling dejected and has no patience for Kevin’s boasting about his manly prowess.

Finally, Heston humiliates Kevin by reminding him of what a fool he made of himself over Lauren. It’s an ugly spectacle to see Heston turning on a colleague and he hates himself for it.

Also, Kevin worries that the stress of moving house will cause his patient Connie’s disease to go into crisis. But neither is prepared for what her husband will do when she finds out about his affair with the estate agent!