Elaine and Julia bond over their problems

Elaine is in hospital, conscious but ashamed of yesterday. Julia visits and asks Elaine outright what happened. Elaine reluctantly reveals she was on a mixture of sleeping pills and herbal stimulants because she couldn’t sleep. Elaine claims she’s a liability and offers her resignation.

Julia refuses to take it, saying they all make mistakes. The women start to laugh, but Julia then suddenly bursts into tears. She is upset that she has no family at Christmas after what happened with Patrick. Elaine sympathises and they agree to spend Christmas together.

Marina goes crazy with the power of being conductor of the Christmas Choir! Freya manages to convince Marina to hand over the baton, to Mrs Tembe. The choir successfully spreads Christmas cheer through St Phil’s.

Also, when Zara visits her TA Captain friend she is tempted into a version of her old life – and hates what she finds.