Elaine’s in her morning anger management group as patient Paterson Harris (guest star Philip Olivier) confesses things have been hard since leaving prison, but he’s starting to control his anger. At that moment, Letherbridge is hit by a power cut.

As Rob and Jack get the emergency generator up and running, Paterson calls his girlfriend Maria to make amends, unaware she’s at The Mill and has bumped into his mother, Ros Harris, having a run-in with Karen.

Paterson heads to The Mill to confront Maria, and learns that she’s taking their children back to Brazil. Paterson’s furious and Elaine arrives in the nick of time and the three of them retreat to her consulting room.

When Maria says she’s at the end of her tether, believing Paterson can’t change his ways, Paterson storms out. As the generator fails and the lights go out, Paterson returns with a can of petrol… and a lighter!

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe leaves Karen in charge of playing host to health and safety inspectors Peter and Anna. When young Jason Fraser arrives at The Mill with badly burned hands, Karen realises his burns are caused by electricity and suspects he may have caused the blackout. But will she tell Rob?

Also, Daniel tries to get weary Zara to have phone sex with him, but she’s not interested.

Later, he treats a female patient who, upon seeing Daniel, wonders if her fiance is really ‘the one’.