Elaine returns to work after her break claiming to be rejuvenated – she puts on a brave face for her colleagues, but it’s soon clear that all is not well as she keeps making mistakes. Julia is also struggling and is missing Chloe; Elaine is grateful to be able to counsel someone as Julia ironically thanks her for her level-headedness.

Meanwhile, Kevin has an idea about how to move the practice into the 21st century – Smartphones! Kevin pitches his ideas to cynical Heston and Julia; Heston agrees to trial one for the day. He is suitably impressed and looks up recipes for a melon-based Tuscan desert for Marina.

But later an inappropriate picture of melons of a different variety pop up during a patient consultation! Heston is forced to apologise and later tells Kevin that he doesn’t think Smartphones are the way forward for The Mill!

Also, Daniel is amused when he meets an anthropology lecturer who believes his mojo has been stolen. Then Daniel begins to show similar symptoms…