Elaine cracks under the strain

Elaine has been suffering nightmares made worse by seeing herself named as Harrison’s mistress in the newspaper. Julia goes to see her, and Elaine says she feels guilty about Lauren and Harrison. Concerned, Julia asks an overwhelmed Freya to visit Elaine to check on her.

Freya tries to quiz Elaine but when Freya starts ranting about Harrison, Elaine cleverly turns the conversation around to Freya and her feelings and Freya leaves thinking she’s made a pig’s ear of her mission from Julia. Later, Elaine takes out her frustration by smashing a plate against the wall.

Meanwhile, Kevin checks that Zara is looking after herself; she still doesn’t want anyone to know about her pregnancy. Later, Cherry notices Zara drinking herbal tea instead of her usual black coffee so later Zara tells Daniel he can tell his mother about the baby – people are starting to guess anyway.

Also, desperate to prove himself, Kevin tries to play the hero for a female patient who has been abused, but has he jumped to the right conclusion?