Elaine agrees to cover Heston by providing medical advice for a play directed by a man obsessed with achieving dramatic truth.

During the play the lead actor, Toby, dramatically changes his personality while acting out a scene causing Elaine to worry about his mental state.

Elaine challenges the director of the play, Stefan, but he defends himself and says he regularly suggests Toby go without food or sleep to get prepared for a role.

Elaine goes over to Stefan to see if she can help but he believes she is his wife. When Stefan urges Toby to step out of character he gets angry and storms out.

Toby returns brandishing a gun. He accuses Stefan of having an affair with his wife until Stefan finally confesses. Toby pulls the trigger and a ‘bang’ flag pops out.

Toby then triumphantly walks out leaving an angry Elaine and a tortured Stefan in the theatre.

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