Elaine dumps Harrison!

Harrison visits Elaine at The Campus saying he just wants to talk. Harrison confesses that Fiona left him and he’s decided he wants to be with Elaine. But she’s been thinking too; she’s realised her own tendency towards destructive relationships and inappropriate men – what she wants and what she needs are very different – and Harrison fails in his bid to win her back.

Later, as Elaine attends an art class with Julia, Harrison takes his frustration out in an afternoon jog where he bumps into Jack, who asks if he can shadow him some more.

Lauren has yet another tedious task for Imogen when Heston calls asking for Imogen to do a job for him. Lauren fails to pass on the message, but Heston manages to contact Imogen direct. Annoyed that Imogen has given her work to Heston direct rather than go through her, Lauren vindictively gets Imogen to clean up some vomit in The Campus toilets!

Also, Jimmi awkwardly manages to persuade Cherry to meet him after work – but as he works late in his office he has a visitor. And Zara finds herself championing true love.