Mrs Tembe is on edge and this is made worse when Kevin shouts at her for giving him the wrong home visit list. Mrs Tembe confides to Elaine what happened with Curtis; worried she has damaged Heston’s chances in court and frightened Curtis is coming after her.

Elaine later has an idea how to empower Mrs Tembe – she tells her to attack her beanbag. Mrs Tembe doesn’t take much encouragement and after Elaine asks Mrs Tembe if she would like to go to self-defence classes with her. Yes she would!

Daniel is struggling to get Joe to stop crying, but Karen shows him her own trick she used with Jack and Imogen; a Bucks Fizz song and dance routine. Daniel copies Karen and marvels at the effect it has. At home that night, Zara is impressed at how quiet Joe is. Daniel whispers to Joe to keep quiet about their guilty secret or teddy gets it!