Julia, Daniel and Heston are interviewing for a new doctor. First up is career-driven Lois Hampton. She’s followed by suave, self-satisfied Harry Francisco. Julia is impressed with Harry, whereas Heston prefers Lois. Daniel sits on the fence and keeps an open mind. Finally, they see Elaine, who impresses Daniel – the only option is to see them all again after lunch.

But, during lunch at The Icon, Elaine spots Harry with Lois and realises that they must be having an affair! Elaine notices, but gives nothing away in her own interview with the panel. Elaine says that, for her, hospital work is all about the patients.

The others are impressed, but they still can’t make a decision. But, later, as Elaine waits for her taxi, she sees Julia looking anxious in the ladies loos; impressively, Elaine helps Julia out with some breathing exercises.

In other developments, Jimmi feels the pressure as he tries to think of a suitable venue for his date with Cherry. She asks what she should wear, and when Jimmi confesses that he has no clue, Cherry suggests the pub.

Daniel advises Jimmi to put his cards on the table and be open about his past. Jimmi takes this to heart. After their date Jimmi returns home triumphant while Cherry confesses to Simon how overwhelmed she felt by Jimmi’s honesty!

Elsewhere, Karen meets a local darts legend and is determined to cure him of his ‘dartitis’, so that he can face his biggest rival.

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