It’s the day of Elaine’s meeting with Oliver and, feeling better, she tries to cancel, but he encourages her to stay. Oliver reveals his concern for Elaine since the news of Harrison broke, but Elaine maintains that all is well. But Oliver’s not convinced and Elaine eventually confesses to self-prescribing sleeping pills.

Oliver warns Elaine that she’s on a slippery slope, but Elaine lies that she’s stopped taking the pills and hastily leaves. Elaine realises she needs to make a change and goes back to him at the end of the day to apologise for leaving so suddenly. She says that she’s got a holiday coming up, which she’s sure will help her move on, but Oliver is still unconvinced.

Elswhere, it’s Karen’s turn to take Imogen out for a driving lesson and, to begin with, Karen dares to call Rob to brag about how well they’re doing. But then Imogen convinces her mum that she’s ready to hit the open road and Karen’s calm state of mind is shattered by Imogen’s erratic driving.

When Imogen is distracted after spotting Jack with a different girl and the car ends up in the middle of a roundabout an angry Karen ends the lesson. At home, Imogen apologises for her driving but says she’s going to ask Jack for help. Karen and Rob wish Jack good luck!

And Mrs Tembe supports a family when an old secret threatens to tear them apart.