Elaine goes on a blind date

Elaine is getting nervous about her blind date with Owain so Julia promises to call her to give her ‘an out’ should she need one. When Owain calls to see if she could go to the garden centre for drinks after the lunchtume rush, Elaine hesitantly agrees.

Elaine is instantly attracted to Owain and likes his interest in meditation but then the topic of Owain’s wife Cerys comes up. Elaine tries to tell Owain that she doesn’t think it is going to work when he suddenly lunges at her just as the overhead sprinkler system is activated, soaking them both.

Owain’s wife Cerys sees and he chases after her saying nothing happened. Cery’s explains how much she has missed him and wants him back. Elaine wishes them both well.

Back at The Mill, Lisa asks Daniel if he could look after Izzie while she attends a job interview. He’s not pleased as he has a meeting, but finally agrees. He moans to Zara but she offers to take Izzie while he goes to the meeting. He agrees despite telling Lisa he won’t be leaving Izzie with anyone.

Simon arrives for his practical exam and meets examiner Dr Giles Kane who explains that on a timed buzzer Simon will see 13 patients, played by actors in different roles, and he will have to diagnose their illnesses – Giles will observe. Giles is impressed and Simon finally feels relaxed and confident, but Giles has one last question, why does he want to be a GP? Simon can’t answer.

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