Harrison arranges to pick Elaine up for dinner that evening but, at the end of the day, leaves a message to meet her at the restaurant. After waiting a while, Elaine is about to leave when Harrison arrives wanting to make it up to her. During dinner he wins her over and insists on paying.

Harrison takes a call as the waiter returns his credit card and, as Elaine pops it back into his wallet, she sees another card in the name of him and his wife. When Harrison returns, Elaine says she doesn’t want to hear his excuses and leaves.

In her car, she listens to a message from Harrison claiming his marriage is over. Elaine stares at herself in the mirror – why does she always attract such unsuitable men?

Lauren winds Imogen up about her exam results so, when Karen phones to ask about a celebratory dinner, Imogen says she just wants to be left alone and hangs up!

Also, Julia tries to help an actor, who has been hiding behind the roles he plays, to finally face up to his feelings.