Elaine helps a past patient

A month ago, Elaine had a minor collision with obnoxious Barrister Augustus Bloom. While threatening to sue her he collapsed with a massive cardiac arrest and Elaine carried out CPR for 30 minutes until the paramedics arrived.

This morning, Augustus turns up at The Mill claiming to be a changed man and offers Elaine a cheque for a thousand pounds. She doesn’t think he’s changed so instead he offers her 30 minutes of his time to help those in need, but Elaine refuses.

Meanwhile, Phillipa Grove is two months pregnant and very anxious with it. She’s having problems with the baby and her partner Asif, who’s a recovering drug addict. He pleads with Elaine to get on a rehabilitation programme but as he’s already quit twice he gets refused. Augustus decides to help him by offering to pay to go on a private detox programme.

Phillipa feels a violent twinge and it is clear she’s losing the baby. She’s so distraught and goes to the top of a bulding and stands on the edge. Elaine tries to help as she battles her own fear of heights. When he sees a distraught Asif arrive, Augustus realises he is Phillipa’s partner. Augustus approaches Phillipa and talks her into moving away from the edge but she slips. Augustus manages to grab her and pull her to safety. Asif promises to be there but Phillipa can’t tell him she has lost the baby.

Augustus asks Elaine if he used his extra time well. She thinks he has but then he collapses with another heart attack and this time Elaine can’t save him.

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