Elaine gets lost in St Phil’s when a good-looking stranger, offers to help. Elaine is charmed and reveals she is late for a meeting, which she is unprepared for. The stranger then says he doesn’t work there so she storms off when she realises he’s just chatting her up.

When she finally arrives at the meeting she’s shocked to discover the stranger is actually a man named Richard who turns out to be the consultant she is due to meet.

Elaine is mortified but gets through the meeting. Afterwards she criticises Richard for playing games with her. Richard tries to make amends, but Elaine drives off.

Jack is heeding his father’s words and running when he spots fellow student Tony who is also running with a group. Tony lets him run with them, but soon they sprint off leaving Jack coming up short. Later, Jack spots Tony back on campus, with a stunning blonde. Jack looks on, clearly impressed.

Ruth runs into Steve, an old friend of Davey’s and is surprisingly at ease with him. Is romance on the cards?

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