Elaine Cassidy meets lover Paul Foster at a craft fair – it looks as though he’s making an effort for her this time. After a lovely lunch, they return to her house – on the pre-text that he will fix her boiler!

Clearly happy and relaxed in each other’s company, Paul then notices that Elaine has been looking at job adverts around the country. The mood quickly changes. Elaine explains that she can’t go on with their 10-year affair.

Paul insists that he will leave his wife when his son goes off to university. They’re both upset, and Paul leaves the house, saying that he’ll ring Elaine later. When he fails to call, Elaine phones The Mill instead, reinstating her interview for the doctor’s position the next day.

Julia is back at work. Feeling overwhelmed, she hides herself away as much as possible. But Zara soon notices that Julia has made a simple error with some paperwork. Later, as Jimmi and Cherry grab a sneaky moment alone to arrange their date, they discover Julia asleep on an examination table. Julia claims to be fine, but notices her hands are shaking once again.

Elsewhere, Daniel becomes suspicious about his client’s reasons for wanting botox, before discovering that the truth lies in a darkly symbiotic relationship.

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