Elaine’s brother-in-law calls to remind her of the blind date he has arranged. With the Harrison case still fresh in her mind she wants to back out, but Karen and Cherry persuade her that it could be just what she needs. Elaine relaxes when she meets Gregory, who is both handsome and charming.

Elaine soon notices Gregory’s white stick and assumes it’s a joke, but is horrified when Gregory tells her he is actually blind. Both are able to laugh about the situation, but Elaine struggles to act naturally and keeps putting her foot in it, patronising Gregory by trying to help him.

At the end of the date Elaine asks if they can meet again, but Gregory turns her down; he wants a girlfriend, not a carer and suggests Elaine take time to look after herself. Elaine returns to The Mill and brushes off Karen who wants gossip. She hides away in her consulting room, fighting back the tears.

Also, the scar of a childhood trauma runs deep – but can Daniel help a family move on?