Elaine tries to help Simon

Elaine takes a reluctant Simon to the Harmony of Unity Group (HUG) where the leader, Angela, teaches happiness and how to release oneself from anxiety. As the session starts Simon observes Marjorie, painfully shy and also hating it.

He talks to Marjorie, learning about her controlling mother who has just died. When Angela puts Marjorie on the spot and she gets flustered, Simon steps in to defend her at which point Marjorie tells him to shut up – he’s being just like her mother and she can talk for herself.

Simon feels foolish but Angela is pleased, mission accomplished. As they leave, Angela thanks him for helping her help Marjorie, and he unexpectedly gets a big hug from Marjorie and is touched. Elaine smiles.

Elsewhere, Julia learns a valuable lesson when she finds the personal diary of a young patient at The Mill.

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