Elaine tries to help Simon

Elaine encourages Simon to come into The Mill where everyone is delighted to see him. Simon is introduced to Mrs Tembe when he tells her about his breakdown – she wonders whether he’s stable enough to practice medicine.

Elaine has a surprise visitor for Simon – Najmah. She apologises to Simon for the way she handled herself – if she hadn’t been so aggressive maybe things would have been different. She wishes Simon luck with the case review. As Simon walks home alone, Elaine tells Heston how vulnerable Simon still is.

Jack stays at home with Karen and cooks her breakfast; she suspects his motives, thinking Rob has put him up to it but he just wants to help. As they talk, Karen tells Jack that she feels like this baby could be fate – she will make a decision but doesn’t know what it is yet.

Also, during the course of a murder investigation, Rob meets a vulnerable teenage girl and inadvertently risks his own job and the investigation trying to help her.

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