Elaine is back at work, but still not getting any sleep. Freya urges her to try some sleeping pills but Elaine refuses. Later, when Cherry returns with patient Mrs Smith’s sleeping pills, Elaine offers to return them to the chemist – but alone in the surgery she puts a bottle of pills in her handbag.

Meanwhile, Sally tells Julia there might be a job going locally for her. Julia is delighted at the prospect of having her family on her doorstep, but senses Patrick’s reluctance to change his job. Julia urges Sally to go easy on Patrick’s feelings.

Heston is also back at work after his success in The Mikado. Mrs Tembe senses he’s coming back down to earth with a bump and encourages him to audition for the next production. But Heston says he wants to get back to being a doctor.

Also, Cherry encounters an elderly patient who is being haunted by her television.