Elaine, Zara and Daniel go to therapy

Elaine makes an urgent appointment to see her therapist before calling Julia, telling her about the break-up. Meanwhile, Daniel and Zara are enjoying breakfast, but neither is looking forward to their appointment.

At clinical psychologist Oliver Clarke’s office, earlybird Elaine is waiting anxiously when Daniel and Zara arrive to see him for their Fertility Counselling; it’s all a bit awkward. Daniel and Zara think the counselling is a waste of time, but Oliver picks up on issues they haven’t discussed, and they leave less happy than when they came.

Elaine tells Oliver she’s ended her relationship with Ed and that it was the right thing. Oliver asks why she demanded an emergency appointment then? Elaine can’t answer and they sit in silence until finally Oliver asks two questions: ‘Does she subconsciously choose inappropriate partners – and why?’ Elaine is silent.

Also, Cherry is concerned about a new mum who’s struggling to cope, and who is obsessed with a mysterious elderly lady.

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