Elaine is doing her best to put what has happened behind her, but cracks begin to show when the birth of Harrison’s son means the events are splashed all over the newspapers and she is named as Harrison’s scarlet woman.

Meanwhile, Julia’s letters have been landing on people’s doormats and, as she predicted, far from reassuring patients, they have made them hysterical. Patients want to leave at a faster rate than before.

Heston arrives in a fragile state. A disastrous dress rehearsal last night and his nerves about opening night have conspired with an impending cold and he has lost his voice. Mrs Tembe gets Imogen to sort him out and he’s restored to full voice – but Mrs Tembe is the only one who seems excited.

At the theatre, Elaine sees copies of the newspaper and Harrison’s picture everywhere. Jimmi tries to talk to her, but she becomes hysterical and feels responsible for bringing Harrison into people’s lives. Julia and Jimmi take Elaine home, wondering how long it will take her to recover from this ordeal.

Also, Rob discovers the shocking reason why an elderly man is refusing to let the council clear his house of rubbish.