Elaine’s feeling pressured

Ajay discovers that Paul has offered Elaine $200,000 to drop the case against Lassiters and tries to convince her to turn it down, unwittingly putting more stress on her. When Vanessa finds out she’s furious and confronts both Paul and Ajay, appealing to their better natures. Ajay tells Elaine she should think of herself and take the money if that’s what she wants but he’s going to stay the course no matter what.

After her break-up, Georgia has been trying to distract herself by taking on more and more shifts. Sonya notices and warns her this isn’t good for her. Georgia won’t listen and as she’s about to administer medication to a patient, a colleague points out she’s treating the wrong person!

Ajay thinks Priya’s coping well but she’s still seeing visions of her mother around the house. After a run-in with Alister at school is brought to Susan’s attention, Priya rejects her suggestion of counselling – she just needs to be left alone.