Elaine is looking forward to the ball but nervous at the same time and the fact that Zara looks stunning doesn’t help much. Things change, however, when she meets Professor Lawrence Porter who is single and good looking and also going to the ball.

Later, Daniel, Zara and Elaine are all set for the ball but there’s still no sign of Julia. Elaine soon spots Lawrence at the venue but unfortunately he has clocked his eyes on Zara – Elaine doesn’t get a look in. To make matters worse, Lawrence tries to pair Elaine up with his unsightly friend but Elaine excuses herself and goes to see what happened to Julia.

Elaine finds Julia sat at home with a puffy, red raw face. Julia confesses that she stupidly bought a ‘product’ off the internet because she was feeling old and frumpy. Elaine can relate and soon the pair are drowning their sorrows and moaning about men.

Meanwhile, the tension is evident between Daniel and Zara, but when Daniel steps in to relieve Zara from Lawrence by saying she is his wife, the pair play along and start to flirt. Will this lead to something more at the end of the night?

Elsewhere, Cherry and Jimmi’s cosy night in with a relaxing bath and massages is ruined when Jimmi’s old mate Daffyd Llewellyn turns up. Cherry is quickly the odd one out as the boys reminisce and retires early to bed where she listens to the boys’ drunken singing coming from downstairs.

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