Eli and Debbie are left homeless

Viv bribes Shadrach to get Eli out of Tug Ghyll and she lets herself in to the empty cottage. A drunk Eli stumbles back to the cottage and he’s confused when his key won’t fit in the lock. Eli sees Viv and realises he’s been had – she’s changed the locks. Debbie and Jasmine arrive home from their holiday and Debbie is horrified to discover she’s been locked out of her home.

Perdy tells Matthew that she wants to spend time with Katie to see where her loyalties lie and she’s pleased when Katie agrees to come to Home Farm for dinner. After the meal, Carl questions Matthew on the awkward atmosphere and Matthew admits that Katie is carrying Perdy’s baby. Carl warns Matthew not to let Perdy take him for a fool, but Matthew insists that he loves Perdy and wants to support her.

Donald asks Nicola to take a day off work to stop her seeing David. Nicola is angry when she catches Donald teaching Miles how to run the company’s finances, as she doesn’t want Miles involved. Nicola later warns Miles not to muscle in on the business, but Miles stands his ground.

Also, Sam gets a warning from social services about Samson.