Eli and Debbie are rumbled by Chas

Debbie demands that Eli replace her broken TV but there’s more bad news to come when she gets a call from Jasmine, who has found the cottage ransacked. Eli calms Debbie down and tells her she’ll be able to claim on the insurance and she twigs that he ‘burgled’ the place to help her out. Debbie can’t help but be impressed and her anger turns to passion. Chas finds the pair in bed together and Debbie is upset when Eli chases after Chas to explain.

Barraclough is angry when both Vaughn and Dasari tell her that Tom’s murder is no longer on their radar and she needs to let it drop. Meanwhile, Carl drowns his sorrows in the Woolpack and nearly starts another fight with Eli, but a worried Jimmy intervenes.

Grayson agrees to meet Perdy for lunch in the Woolpack but he’s worried when she fails to turn up. Paul tells Gray that Perdy’s recent erratic behaviour may be down to her medication. When Gray later sees Perdy he makes it clear that he’s hurt that she didn’t tell him she was on pills for depression.

Also, Jonny gets some business cards made up for Paul.