Eli and Marlon take revenge on Shane

Shane searches Eli’s house for drugs and threatens him. Eli is left fuming. When Eli later talks to Marlon, the brothers are surprised to discover that they share a common hatred of Shane. Keen to make up for what he put Marlon and Donna through, Eli is determined to give Shane a good hiding for all of them but Marlon isn’t convinced that it’s the best plan of revenge.

Gennie visits the Dingles to go through some old photos of herself with Shadrach. When Chas overhears him exclaim that he loves looking at old pictures, she angrily reminds him that he never even bothered to take any pictures of her when she was a kid! But Chas’s bad mood subsides when Shadrach later praises her for being brave enough to help him to find Gennie.

Lexi and Carl start to get close in the office, leaving her confused by her feelings, and she wonders whether she’s starting to fall for him. Lexi tries to call off her espionage with Matthew but he offers her more cash. Lexi feels caught between two brothers but she is too tempted by the money and agrees to continue spying for the Kings.

Also, Debbie offers Jasmine her old room back.