Who robbed the B & B? ‘Not me,’ says Sam. But the circumstantial evidence is stacking up against him. Sam needs to be saved from himself (again) and the person who could do it is Eli. But he’s busy packing his bags. He tells Marlon he’s leaving, then hears Val saying Sam robbed the B&B. As a parting gift, Eli confesses that he stole the money – then high-tails it out of Emmerdale before Pollard can set the police on him.

Wylde child Maisie has upset her mum again. Natasha isn’t happy about Maisie’s date with Declan because she thinks he’s too old for her daughter. Or is it that she thinks he’s more her kind of man? Maisie’s not flavour of the month at the dinner, either… It’s a double date with Jai and Faye – yes, Faye, the woman who was legally married to Maisie’s father and who is the mother of Ryan, the half-brother Maisie fell in love with. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly buzzing around their soup?

Meanwhile, at Butler’s Farm, Eva goes to work and will probably distract Adam enough for him to cause another catastrophe…

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