Eli discovers Donna’s plan

Eli turns up at the warehouse ready to do the robbery and he calls Donna, who gives him a false password to turn off the alarm. Marlon panics when Donna tells him that she’s set up Eli to get him arrested and he’s sure that Eli will take him down with him. Marlon tells Eli that the password is a fake and the police are on their way and Eli manages to do a runner. A worried Donna decides to tell Zak the whole sorry tale to see if he can sort things out.

Debbie gets a convincing fake necklace from one of Pollard’s contacts and successfully swaps it for the real one. The girls look for a secure hiding place and head to the church, but they’re disturbed by Emily and Lexi drops it into the communion wine!

Carl is desperate when he can’t get hold of Grace, not knowing that her mum has passed away. Carl turns up at Grace’s flat and hammers on the door, but to no avail. He’s stunned when a neighbour tells him about Grace’s loss.

Also, Sandy returns to the village.