The police raid the Dingles after Rosemary tips them off that Eli is in possession of Tom’s stolen property. Eli is arrested when they find the loot and Carl calls Chas to tell her the news. Chas dashes to the Dingles as Eli is led away and Carl is suspicious that his fiancée knows more than she’s letting on.

Rosemary goes for lunch in the Woolpack with Vaughan and Diane sees the opportunity for Chas to curry favour with the police by being nice to Rosemary. But her plan backfires spectacularly when Rosemary makes a snide comment about Eli’s arrest and a volatile Chas launches herself at her. Vaughan arrests Chas for assault, and Rosemary is smug.

Scott puts Debbie in charge of the garage, but she struggles to service Ashley’s car on her own. Debbie begs Lisa to help her out and offers her £10 as a thank you. A sly Debbie takes all the credit when she returns the car to Ashley, and pockets the £120 fee for herself.

Also, David suggests that he and Del start a cleaning business to rival Laurel’s.