Eli kidnaps Marlon!

Zak has words with Marlon and reveals that he knows everything. Zak can’t believe how stupid Marlon has been but he agrees to sort things out. Zak forces Eli to confess to his blackmail, but Marlon is listening in and he is furious when Eli admits that he never intended to grass up Marlon – he just wanted to make him sweat.

Zak orders Eli to leave the village and Marlon and Donna are relieved that Eli has gone. But Eli hasn’t done with his brother yet and when Marlon returns to work, Eli bundles him into a van and ties his hands together. Eli forces Marlon to the edge of a multi-story car park and reveals his long-held resentment towards his brother.

Eli admits that he got Lilith off the charges so that he could scupper Marlon’s chance to take her kids. A furious Marlon works his hands free from the ropes and takes a swing at Eli. The brothers fight and Eli Donna a punch and he topples over the edge and is left clinging by his fingers. Donna arrives and screams at Eli to take Marlon’s hand. Marlon hoists his brother up and a shaking Eli heads for the van and drives off.