Eli returns to haunt Newt

Despite feeling the side effects of ditching his pills, Newt is determined to make his relationship with Lauren work. But increasingly paranoid, he gets in trouble when he is humiliated by Gaz in front of everyone. Later, Gaz accuses Newt of beating him up in the toilets, and Lauren realises he was telling the truth when she sees the grazes on a dazed Newt’s knuckles. Newt is confused without his medication and has no idea what he has done. He manages to eventually admit his feelings for Lauren, but just as they’re kissing, Eli returns…

Theresa is worried that she’s going to be in trouble for wasting police time and the whole village will be talking about her. But she is reassured by Myra who promises that everyone will soon forget about what’s happened. Jacqui takes Tony out for a drink to make up for the trouble she’s caused him. Jacqui reveals she is sorry for everything she’s done and still has feelings for him. But she is left confused when Tony refuses to continue their evening back at his.

Also, Michaela spikes Russ’s drink at the school disco causing him to make a fool of himself in front of everyone.

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